Mitos Bundo Kanduang Sebagai Tirai Nalar Orang Minangkabau Atas Dunianya

Rosa, Silvia (2016) Mitos Bundo Kanduang Sebagai Tirai Nalar Orang Minangkabau Atas Dunianya. JURNAL IKADBUDI, 5 (1). pp. 1-9. ISSN 2089-7537

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The current research applied Levi-Staruss structural theory to Bundo kanduang mythology in the story of Cindua Mato and studies the meaning of it. This story have written by Sy. St Rajo Endah, in1985, the tittle Cindua Mato. The several steps in data analysisnare reading the text, make several episodes from the text, determining the ceritheme, composing the ceritheme in syntagmatic-paradigmatic correlation, and comprehension interpreting of mythology. The data were analyzed using Levi-Staruss structural theory as ini his analysis of Indian mythology entitled “The Story of Asdiwal”. The study concluded that the story of Cindua Mato is a mythology created by people of Minangkabau based on the ambigious perspective of their community and world. Their relationship is of matrilineal nature: the extended family versus the egoism of nuclear family having patrilianeal characteristic. Through the mythology of Bundo Kanduang, the Minangkabau people tried to comprehend yhe paradox of their sosial values. The contradicting concept that should be made in accord. A clash that must harmonized. Such mythology represents the legitimacy of a harmonic idealnto be realized by the Minangkabau people in the course of the cultural life. One must created a harmony between he and his surroundings. The nation of Bundo Kanduang mythology was derrived from a comprehensive analysis of 125 ceritheme found in the story of Cindua Mato. The stucture of Cindua Mato story was resulted from such analysis. In fact, there were regularities in Bundo Kanduang mythology contained in the story of Cindua Mato. By regularity we mean a consistency in the structural and idea of Bundo Kanduang mythology. The structure reflects the thinking pattern of the Minangkabau people that tend to be ambigious. A clash of values between matrilineal and patrilineal concept is homologous to tradition, while patrilineal concept is homologous ti Islamic concept. However, such dualism must be harmonized. The tension in oneself is unavoidable. And the mythology tried to reconcile the tension. Keywords: myth, story of Cindua Mato, ambigous

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