Wirdianto, Eri and Jonrinaldi, Jonrinaldi and urya, Betris S (2014) PENERAPAN ALGORITMA SIMULATED ANNEALING PADA PENJADWALAN DISTRIBUSI PRODUK. Optimasi Sistem Industri, 7 (1). pp. 7-20. ISSN 1412-4769


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A good logistics system can be achieved by performing various logistic activities efficiently. One of the most affected logistic components is transportation problem. The reason is that the expense of transportation can range from one-third to two-third of total logistic costs. Therefore, various ways in decreasing the expenses of transportation are needed; by optimizing the resources. The optimization of these resources can be done through efficiencies the amount of vehicles allocation and determination the route so that the minimum of total vehicles allocated and travelling distance are obtained. The distribution route at PT. PDR was unscheduled and only focused on location in the same area, so that vehicles capacities were not exploited maximally. Determination of the route represents problem of VRP (Vehicle Routing Problems). In this research, the method used to determine early solution is 2-Opt method. But solution yielded by this method is not optimal because 2-Opt method is one of heuristic method. Therefore, 2-Opt method solution is then improved by using metaheuristic method which is Simulated Annealing (SA) to get the nearly optimal route solution. SA is conducted by large amount of iterations, so that in this research java programming language is used to facilitate the achievement of the result. This research obtains total reduction of travel distance for 65,82 km and reduction of vehicles allocation by 1 unit for six-wheel vehicle and 1 unit for four-wheel vehicle with average of the vehicles capacities used is 87,75% and mean of distribution time is 5,8 hours. Keywords : Transportation, Vehicle Routing Problems, Metaheuristic, Simulated Annealing

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