Species Identification of Bacteria from Extreme Habitat Using 16S-rRNA Gene Sequences.

Jamsari, JMS (2010) Species Identification of Bacteria from Extreme Habitat Using 16S-rRNA Gene Sequences. Proceeding od ISFAS-2010. ISSN 9786029630107

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Extreme habitats such as peat region, hot spring water, salinity and low pH soil, as well as mount crater of volcano could contain some useful microbes that have beneficial value for industrial and agricultural activities. Based on this assumption a collection of bacteria isolates from different extreme habitats have been performed. These activities have successfully collected a total number of 510 isolates. Most of the samples have been identified for their some important characteristics, including phosphate-solubilizing, celulase, chitinase and fermentative activities as well as their auxin producing capabilities. Some isolates showing interesting characters finally were identified based on their 16S-rDNA gene sequences. Molecular analysis was performed via Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) by using primer pair 27F (AGAGTTTGATCMTGGCTCAG) and 1525R (AAGGAGGTGWTCCARCC). The DNA sequences were further analysis in-silico via BLAST (Basic local alignment search tools) programme existing in NCBI web site for their species identity. In total eighteen isolates were identified as Phosphate-solubilizing bacteria consisted of a variety of genus for instance: Beta proteobacterium, Acinetobacter), Burkholderia (Burkholderia sp, B. Ambifaria, B. Tropica), Bacillus (Bacillus sp., B. cereus, B. Thuringensis), Providencia sp. , Klebsiella pneumoniae, and Citrobacter sp. A group of cellulolitic bacteria were identified as Pseudomonas sp. P85 and Pseudomonas putida strain ZFJ-9) and the genus of Bacillus (Bacillus. Sp.00763, Bacillus cereus strain RMLA VI and Bacillus sp. BSRA4). Meanwhile twentyfive isolates were identified as IAA producing bacteria. The highest activity was showed by Acinetobacter genomosp. strain bpoe1350

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